CadFile IMS
DispatcherComputer-aided dispatch system with wide variety of easy-to-use functions

With USA Software’s interactive, multi-user CadFile IMS, dispatchers responsible for answering emergency calls and sending help are only one touch away from a complete run-down on the “who, what and where” data needed to make lifesaving decisions.


  • Uses all-on-one-screen design
  • Navigates easily from one area to another
  • Provides all pertinent information at a glance
  • Assigns case numbers automatically
  • Updates unit location and status constantly
  • Allows unlimited number of one-line, narrative entries
  • Allows for data entry and tracking of all calls
  • Provides TouchScreen capability
  • Handles traffic and nontraffic calls
  • Allows for multiple dispatchers and call takers
  • Displays status of uncompleted calls
  • Prioritizes calls holding and calls in progress
  • Displays status of units assigned
  • Displays calls holding
  • . . . and much more