66 USA Software - CrimeFile IMS®

CrimeFile IMS®
Windows®-based Criminal and Administrative Records Management System (RMS)

Crime File - MonitorDesigned specifically for law enforcement, CrimeFile IMS provides on-line, up-to-the-minute access to valuable data. It is easy to use, requires minimal training and has the ability to configure a customized criminal and administrative Records Management System.


  • Incident-based Reporting conforms to UCR/NIBRS standards
  • Complete integration with eForms Field Reporting, CAD and Mobile Data
  • Over 40+ modules allows you to tailor your Records Management System to meet your agency's specific needs
  • Personnel Tracking contains training, emergency and special skills information
  • Crystal Reports allows you to create customized, analytical reports that aid decision making
  • . . . and much more

Incident Entry - Florida
CrimeFile IMS – The easy way to manage data and records tracking functions

Incident Entry - Tennessee
CrimeFile IMS Incident Tracking is both NIBRS and UCR compliant