CrimeView USA Enterprise™
Crime Analysis Mapping System


Why CrimeView USA?
CrimeView USA Community is a browser-based community policing application that enables community members to access crime data in their neighborhoods quickly and easily via the Internet. People want to know what’s going on in their neighborhoods and this web based mapping technology gives them the information they need at any given time while alleviating some of the agency staff’s workload that comes from handling such requests.

CrimeView USA Web
is an application that allows Road Patrol officers, as well as staff throughout the agency, to access crime data through the existing internal network (intranet). Multiple users can simultaneously create maps and reports, using a browser, directly from any computer on the intranet, eliminating the need for data or mapping software at individual workstations. An excellent tool at roll call, for detectives, or in the car.

Repeat Calls Map
Hot Spots of Crime
First Due Analysis

CrimeView USA Desktop is an advanced interface to the CAD and RMS databases designed for the Crime Analyst. CrimeView USA Desktop enables effective analysis of this data, performs trend analysis, and provides meaningful, powerful reports and maps such as Threshold Alerts, Cyclical Reports, etc. for both internal and external use. The easy-to-use analysis tools and the training we provide will help to further develop the crime analysis skills and experience of the agency as well as reduce the time required for analysis as compared to conventional techniques.

CrimeView USA Enterprise is a complete Crime Analysis Mapping solution for every phase of your agency that uses the latest GIS technology to provide up-to-the-minute access to agency data in a map-based format. So easy to use, it's almost criminal.

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