User friendly data management system that can be customized to any locale

IAFile IMS helps manage investigations, tracks use of force, produces documentation that supports findings and spots patterns of behavior before they become critical. The menu-driven system captures incident, witness and complainant data.


  • Runs as standalone or in multi-user, LAN environment
  • Supports one to unlimited number of users
  • Generates multiple and varied standard reports
  • Customizes and categorizes information easily
  • Allows unlimited narrative, with spell-checking (Microsoft Word®)
  • Assigns case numbers automatically as requested
  • Tracks data by sex, race and age for witnesses and complainants
  • Updates files automatically as data is added, changed or deleted
  • Protects data entry programs with passwords
  • Operates the same from all screens
  • Uses same function keys to perform given tasks

Data Files

  • Incident Tracking
  • Name Tracking
  • Employee Tracking
  • Narrative Tracking


  • IA Complainant Analysis
  • IA Complainant Analysis by Sex/Race/Age
  • IA Employee Analysis
  • IA Employee Analysis by Sex/Race/Age
  • IA Initial Contact Analysis by Sex/Race/Age
  • IA Contact Type Analysis
  • IA Employee Disposition Analysis
  • Investigations by Officer
  • Investigations by Complainant
  • Complainants by Date
  • Use of Force by Employee