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Where in the World is Chip Spencer?

We are pleased to feature our company mascot "Chip." He travels the U.S. with us as we attend various conventions and conferences.
If you've met Chip and have pictures of him, please forward them to us and we'll post them on our site. Where will Chip be next? Find out by visiting this page often!
Chip supports our troops in Iraq! Here are his pen pals in Iraq holding a picture of Chip (bottom left).

Click on image for larger view.
Chip is always a busy bear!
We celebrated our 20th Anniversary in June 2009.
Take a moment to enjoy Chip's latest adventures!

Chip at 2008 FPCA Convention Chip at Hillsboro Beach
Chip likes to present a professional appearance at Conferences and meetings. USA Software staff Christine and Joanna along with Woody and Susan Spencer proudly celebrate 20 years in developing and supporting law enforcement software that works! Chip went for a ride with the officers of the Manalapan, Florida Police Department in 2008.
Joanna at convention
Chip at FPCA 2009 Convention
Joanna at 20th anniversay
Joanna and Chip man the booths at the 2009 Florida Police Chiefs Association Summer Convention. Chip's big sister, the lovely Joanna, greets guests at USA Software's 20th Anniversary celebration.
Chip the mascot
Chip has a nightcap
Chip Red Sox Fan
Chip never complains. He's a "beary" helpful bear and mascot and continues to make many friends on his travels around the U.S. Time for a nightcap and the end of a perfect day! The one and only Chip – USA Software's goodwill ambassador and diehard RED SOX fan!

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