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EvidenceFile IMS   Click here to request demo.
On-line, up-to-the-minute access to valuable evidence and property files

A flexible, simple-to-learn and easy-to-use tracking system that uses the latest barcode technology to log evidence into inventory. Guided by screens, users enter data from property receipts into the computer. Accuracy enhances accountability and credibility.

  • Barcoding speeds up inventory, makes evidence easy to find
  • All screens operate the same; use same function keys to perform tasks
  • Files update automatically as data is added, changed or deleted
  • Inventory function provides fast, easy, efficient way to track evidence
  • Easy use encourages frequent inventorying and increased accuracy
  • Exception Item report notes when evidence is missing or has been moved
  • Exception Item function expedites disposal of evidence by producing disposal lists of scanned items
  • System generates clear, concise reports
Data Files
  • Evidence Tracking
  • Chain of Custody
  • Evidence Inventory
  • Evidence History
  • Name/Suspect Tracking
  • Employee/Officer Tracking
  • Found Property Log
  • Evidence by Case Number
  • Chain of Custody
  • Chain of Custody by Barcode
  • Over 90 Days
  • Over 5 Days
  • Items OUT by Location
  • Conversion Date
  • Aging Evidence Notices by Officer
  • Property Release Notices by Owner
  • . . . and more
  • Data Entry from Scanners
  • Inventory Comparison
  • Inventory/Master File Update
  • Initial Entry Update
  • Disposal Listing
  • Disposal Update

Evidence Main Screen
Identifies who owns each piece of evidence by name and code.

Evidence Chain of Custody Tracking
Tracks the movement of evidence as it goes out and comes
back to the evidence room

Evidence: Add Names to Case
Helps find items simply by entering a name associated with the case.

Drilldown Report button lets you "drilldown' directly from selected fields for immediate access to data.

Scanner and Barcode Label Software
Scanner and barcode label software make it easy to mark inventory,
enter data and trace the chain of custody.

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