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MobileFile MDS (Mobile Data System)

USA Software, Inc., an industry leader in providing cost-effective software solutions that work for the public safety community, has released its own integrated wireless mobile data product. This new product, combined with existing USA CAD and RMS offerings, brings the company full-circle in being able to offer end-to-end solutions for new and existing customers.

The mobile data capability enhances USA's MobileFile MDS product suite which already includes the increasingly popular eForms and eSignature products. Now, by adding wireless mobile data capability, officers in the field have the ability to access NCIC and various state databases, without having to tie up their dispatchers or leave their vehicle. Mobile data functionality, when combined with eForms reporting, gives road officers powerful communications and data-query tools.

Agencies realize an immediate return on their investment when installing MDS in their vehicles. Part of the return comes in the form of increased efficiency and convenience for officers and supervisors alike. But more important, is the immediate enhancement to officer safety and public protection.

Recent MDS software enhancements also make it possible to incorporate magnetic stripe, bar-code scanners, and digital cameras as additional functionality in an agency's mobile units. Agencies can scan drivers license information, automatically print citations in the car and then upload the ticket data over a wireless network, directly into the agency's backend records database. Imagine, no one had to put a pen to paper to generate a citation or get the data into the records system!

How about eForms? Data entry for incident reports, accident reports and arrest reports is done only ONE time – at the point of origination by the officer in the field. Reports are sent over the mobile data GPRS, 802.11 or RF network to a supervisor for final review. Approved reports are then sent over the network to the records section for inclusion in the backend database. Data entry duplication by other personnel is eliminated.

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