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Pawn File IMS™

Save Time and Money!
Based on our popular CrimeFile IMS Information Management System products installed in over 200+ law enforcement agencies in Florida and Georgia, PawnFile IMS for Windows provides the ability to better manage your pawn ticket data, generate meaningful reports AND eliminate the time-consuming, labor-intensive task of manually entering pawn ticket data into GCIC. Key features include:

• Eliminate manual data entry of pawn tickets
• Automatic Data Collection from Local Pawn Shops
• Pawn Shops Upload via email or diskette
• Upload to GCIC Pawn System
• NCIC/GCIC check of Guns/Articles/Persons via data uploads to GCIC Pawn System
• All local pawn data now available to all agencies via GCIC
• Pawn Shop Violation Tracking
• Hold Tracking
• PawnFile
IMS version available for shops that do not have their own software
• Crystal Reports Report Writer provides custom reports with charts and graphs
• Pulldown menus
• Selections Lists for multi-record viewing
• Available NOW from USA Software, Inc.

PawnFile IMS can enhance your agency's ability to manage your pawn ticket/item tracking functions. This user-friendly package is a PC-based data management system that provides on-line, up-to-the-minute access to valuable data regarding pawn tickets, names, items, item holds, etc.

PawnFile IMS, originally designed for the Atlanta Police Department, is now in use by these fine Georgia agencies:

• Atlanta Police
• DeKalb County Public Safety
• Cobb County Police
• Clayton County Police
• Forest Park Police
• Griffin Police
• Marietta Police
• Gwinnett County Police
• Columbus Police
• And more . . .

Call for a demonstration today at 1-800-872-1931
Or e-mail us at sales@usa-software.com


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