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All USA Software products use powerful relational database technology and operate in Windows® Server environments. Optional backend databases include Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and Pervasive.SQL™. Crystal Reports® provides the option of creating customized reports.

CadFile IMS
When there's no time to waste. Easy-to-use computer-aided dispatch system that can be customized to meet the individual requirements of any public safety agency.

MobileFile MDS
Mobile data that doesn't miss a beat. Check state and NCIC records automaticaly, enable silent dispatch and private car-to-car communication.

e-Forms Field Reporting and eTickets
The latest in field reporting and eTicket software. Capture data at the point of origin, access information in real-time and upload reports from the car. Do it wirelesly using XML-based technology and time-saving eForms.

Crime View USA Enterprise® Crime Analysis Mapping System
This browser-based community policing application enables community members to access crime data in their neighborhoods quickly and easily via the Internet.

CrimeFile IMS
A million bits of information. User friendly Records Management System that provides fast access to all agency data, including incidents, arrests and calls for service.

EvidenceFile IMS
Put an end to lost evidence. Fast evidence tracking and inventory-management system that helps identify, label and track property and evidence as it moves in and out of agency custody.

Keeps your house in order. Internal Affairs program that makes it easy to customize and categorize information and create permanent documentation of incidents.

JailFile IMS
Powerful, space-saving software. This program satisfies the information needs of everyone from the jail administrator to the third-watch booking officer.

PhotoFile IMS
Increased credibility. Generate photo lineups based on witness descriptions, then save exactly as shown with day and time noted.

PawnFile IMS
Based on our popular CrimeFile IMS Information Management System, PawnFile IMS provides the ability to better manage your pawn ticket data, generate meaningful reports while eliminating time-consuming manual entries.

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