Comprehensive Software Solutions  for Law Enforcement and Public Safety Agencies

Behavioral Threat Assessment and Digital Case Management


Computer-aided Dispatch

CadFile IMS®

Wireless mobile data for real-time reporting

MobileFile MDS®

XML-based Field Reporting

eForms Field Reporting® and eTickets®

Criminal and Administrative RMS

CrimeFile IMS®

Evidence and Property Tracking

EvidenceFile IMS®

Manage Investigations


Correctional Facility Information

JailFile IMS®

Mug-shot and Photo-lineups

PhotoFile IMS®

From evidence tracking software to field reporting tools for law enforcement, USA Software has the solutions THAT WORK! With our law enforcement records management, reporting software, computer aided dispatch and full line of mobile data and field reporting solutions.

Our software has been field proven since 1995. The CrimeFile IMS™ suite of programs (CadFile IMS®, CrimeFile IMS®, IAFile IMS®, JailFile IMS®, MobileFile MDS™ , PhotoFile IMS™ and the popular barcode-based EvidenceFile IMS®), continues to be the industry benchmark for cost-effective software solutions for law enforcement agencies across the United States. The latest version of USA Software’s field reporting software is once again changing how law enforcement agencies handle incident reporting.

Capture data at the point of origin, access information in real-time and upload reports from the car. This is done wirelessly using XML-based technology and time-saving eForms. All USA Software products use powerful relational database technology and they include Crystal Reports® which gives users the ability to create customizable reports that allow them to analyze their data. Optional backend databases include Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and Pervasive.SQL™.

Our EvidenceFile IMS® features on-line, up-to-the-minute access to valuable evidence and property files. A flexible, simple-to-learn and easy-to-use tracking system that uses the latest barcode technology to log evidence into inventory. Guided by screen prompts, users enter data from property receipts. EvidenceFile IMS® delivers higher accuracy, accountability and credibility.

USA Software has the law enforcement records management tools you need at a price you can afford.

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