FAQs: BTAFile IMS® – Law Enforcement

Will BTAFile IMS – Law Enforcement allow us to link BTAs to our BTA Team Meetings?2023-01-26T20:33:07-05:00

YES, in preparation for a Team Meeting, you can link existing BTAs to the meeting record so they can easily be reviewed during the meeting.

Will BTAFile IMS – Law Enforcement allow us to track our BTA Team Meetings?2023-01-26T20:32:19-05:00

YES, along with the basic information covered in each Law Enforcement’s meeting. Notes from the meetings can also be uploaded into BTAFile IMS – Law Enforcement as a PDF document.

Does BTAFile IMS – Law Enforcement have the ability to restrict user access?2023-01-26T20:31:31-05:00

Yes, access can be restricted via user rights and access codes.

Does BTAFile IMS – Law Enforcement track the location the threat occurred?2023-01-26T20:30:39-05:00

YES with a selection list to choose from accordingly.

Does BTAFile IMS – Law Enforcement track the Day, Date and Time of the threat?2023-01-26T20:29:51-05:00

YES, we refer to that as the Date of Occurrence. We also track the Day, Date and Time the assessment was entered into the system which we refer to as the Report Date.

My Law Enforcement Agency has some specific steps and forms to complete with each assessment, can these be included in BTAFile IMS – Law Enforcement?2023-01-26T20:28:58-05:00

YES, there is a REFERENCE TOOLS section where these documents can be placed for review and inclusion in the assessment.

Can BTAFile IMS – Law Enforcement capture data from a suicide screening form?2023-01-26T20:28:15-05:00

Yes, for a given subject who has threatened to self-harm, you can enter data into the system from the suicide screening form you completed when interviewing the subject. A number of suicide screening-based analytical reports are also available with the system.

Can a picture or screen capture of a post from any of the various social media sites be uploaded into the system?2023-01-26T20:27:31-05:00

YES, an unlimited number can be uploaded, as well as any other digital images or video considered essential to the assessment.

Does BTAFile IMS – Law Enforcement have an automated notification feature?2023-01-26T20:25:47-05:00

YES via email or text for assigned tasks, follow ups and updates.

Can I create my own analytical report in BTAFile IMS – Law Enforcement?2023-01-26T20:23:39-05:00

YES. Currently there are several reports that can be customized by the user by adding some selection criteria. If you want to create your own, you may purchase the Reports Designer. And those reports can then be stored in the BTA system for quick and easy retrieval.

Can I schedule the analytical reports to run at a specific time and be sent via email.2023-01-26T20:23:02-05:00

Yes, most of our analytical reports can be added to the Report Scheduler. This is how you schedule the Threshold Analysis By Person report to run and the result appear in your in-box, say, every Monday morning.

How about Assessments By Disposition?2023-01-26T20:22:26-05:00

Yes, the Assessments By Disposition report will show a graph depicting various Dispositions.

Does BTAFile IMS – Law Enforcement have any built-in analytical reports?2023-01-26T20:21:48-05:00

YES, over 100 are included. Ask for a demo!

Does BTAFile IMS – Law Enforcement recognize previous threats made by the same person?2023-01-26T20:21:14-05:00

Yes, during data entry, the system will alert the user of any previous assessments involving that person.

Does BTAFile IMS – Law Enforcement track Tasks/Interventions/Responses that have not been completed?2023-01-26T20:19:40-05:00

YES, BTAFile IMS – Law Enforcement tracks Tasks/Interventions/Responses that have not been completed via an analytical report that can be retrieved on demand and/or be a scheduled report that is emailed automatically.

Can a Task/Intervention/Response be scheduled to occur at a future date?2023-01-26T20:18:46-05:00

YES, you can schedule a Task/Intervention/Response for an assessment along with a starting and ending date and frequency of the Task/Intervention/Response and it will be created, assigned and emailed automatically over time (weekly, specific day, etc).

Can we add our own, Law Enforcement-specific Tasks/Interventions/Responses to the list of Responses/Tasks/Interventions that comes with BTAFile IMS – Law Enforcement?2023-01-26T20:20:10-05:00

YES, you can add your own items to the Tasks/Interventions/ Responses list in addition to those already delivered with the product.

Intervention/Follow-Up is the Heart of Prevention in Threat Assessment. Can multiple interventions/tasks/responses be entered, assigned and tracked by BTAFile IMS – Law Enforcement?2023-01-26T20:17:26-05:00

YES, we allow an unlimited number of these for each assessment.

Does BTAFile IMS – Law Enforcement incorporate assessment guidelines from the US Secret Service NTAC?2023-01-26T20:15:59-05:00

Yes, BTAFile IMS – Law Enforcement helps you answer the “11 questions” from NTAC.

Are there Interview forms for the various persons involved in the assessments included in this software tool?2023-01-26T20:15:10-05:00

YES. They are built into application and can be rendered as PDFs. Subject Interview, Witness Interview, Mental Health Interviews, and so on are included. You can also incorporate your own Interview Forms as well.

Does BTAFile IMS – Law Enforcement track the Outcomes of the Assessment?2023-01-26T20:13:15-05:00

YES, we track Attempted-Averted, Not Attempted and Carried Out. We also have an Analytical Report showing those results in a chart.

Does BTAFile IMS – Law Enforcement use the “Virginia Model” for Threat Levels?2023-01-26T20:11:33-05:00

YES, showing either Imminent, High, Moderate, Low, or None.

Does BTAFile IMS – Law Enforcement incorporate assessment guidelines from the “Virginia Model”?2023-01-26T20:10:44-05:00

Yes, the “Virginia Model” is the basis for our Law Enforcement version of BTAFile IMS.

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