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Dr. Dewey Cornell – School Threat Assessment

In 2002, Professor Dewey Cornell of the University of Virginia led a team of educators and researchers to develop a practical and effective set of guidelines for schools to use in responding to threats of violence. The resulting model was described in the 2006 manual, Guidelines for Responding to Student Threats of Violence.

National School Safety Advocacy Council

The School Safety Advocacy Council (SSAC) was established in 2005 with the goal of providing the highest quality school safety training and services to school districts, law enforcement agencies and communities. The Council was founded with the mission to expand beyond the singular approach of relying on law enforcement as the solution for school violence to a cooperative approach which includes all community stakeholders.

Florida Police Chief’s Association

The Florida Police Chiefs Association is the third largest state police chiefs association in the United States. It is composed of more than 900 of the state’s top law enforcement executives. FPCA serves municipal police departments, airport police, college and university police, tribal police, airport police and more. The FPCA has members representing every region of the state.


DataFlex is an object-oriented high-level programming language and a fourth generation visual tool 4GL for developing Windows, web and mobile software applications on one framework-based platform.

Mertech Data

Since its incorporation in 1997, Mertech has established itself as a leading provider of products and services that help companies modernize their databases and software to work in the connected world.